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Just because I’m gay…


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matt healy @ electric picnic ≧◡≦

matt healy @ electric picnic 

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yr favourite “female-positive” porn star james deen is a rape apologist

it’s almost like porn has the ability to minimize people’s perceptions and attitudes towards sexual assault or ~~~~something~~~

So I guess we’re just going to ignore the fact that he was responding to the rape comment made by the woman above him?

no one is ignoring anything, she’s obviously repulsive as well, but the majority of the vitriol is indeed going to be aimed at the male porn star who is lauded because he eats pussy but has zero issues joking about anally raping the 12 year old girls around him

she said that (also awful) comment but it certainly does not absolve him of how gross he is, he didn’t even HAVE to respond at all let alone with that!

OKAY, so:

1) he is a pornstar okay

2) Dana DeArmond is a pornstar as well (don’t ask me how I, a sixteen year old girl, know that… just don’t)

3) none of them meant it seriously, they were joking because they made a porn video together where he was “ass raping” her (again, don’t ask me) and I suppose that some people probably watched it

4) I write for a czech website for girls/women and I made an interview with him. I talked with him about rape, and he said he would never have sex with anyone without their consent so please just hakuna your tatas ladies

they’re just two pornstars making private jokes, don’t get into it if you don’t do your research first, he is actually quite a nice person in real life so leave him alone; all of us make weird jokes sometimes.

Hey so, speaking of research MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT

Like how many women are raped a year

How many are sexually assaulted

Now let’s take those most damaging and traumatizing experiences of their lives, and HAHAHAH JOKE TIME SO FUNNY OMG HAHAHAH

Making a joke about rape, not only forces victims to relive their experiences, causing possible triggering anxiety attacks and full out panic attacks, but now, every possible/actual rapist who reads it feels validated, and ever rape survivor feels just a little bit less safe because of this

ALSOOOOOO Let’s not forget the fact that the porn industry is FILLED with sexual assault, abuse, and rape. Maybe in your RESEARCH you should look into the ex porn stars who are bringing light to all these horrible situations. Does this happen in every porn? No. But even 1 porn that is the actual and real sexual assault of someone, under the guise of “lol she’s choking thats hot”, is one too many, and the numbers are far from 1. 

ANNNNDDDDDDDDD IT’S NOT PRIVVAATTTEEEEE. It’s out in the open, for public viewing on twitter, which means ANYONE can and DID see it, and likely triggered COUNTLESS rape survivors of all genders. 

Plus… and this I cannot stress enough, THEY ARE LITERALLY HAVING A FUCKING LAUGH OVER THE RAPE AND LIFE LONG TRAUMA OF 12 YEAR OLDS… and if they are talking about making porn, and not just legal age of consent, then they’re also talking about producing child porn. SO FUNNY

What in the ever loving FUCK is wrong with you that you would defend that!? Seriously?! God I cannot even imagine. 

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Black Women Are NOT your fetishes

Asian Women Are NOT your fetishes

South Asian Women Are NOT your fetishes

Latina Women Are NOT your fetishes

Middle Eastern and North African Women Are NOT your fetishes

Native Women Are NOT your fetishes

Black Men Are NOT…

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